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  • Stingers upset top-ranked Huskies 29-10 in CIS football action, Canada -
    ... Elsewhere in CIS football, it was: York 45, Toronto 41; Bishop's 25, Mount Allison 13; Montreal 56, StFX 15; Laval 21, Acadia 18; Western 46, Windsor 14 ...
  • CIS to send 600 to monitor Ukrainian ballot
    Interfax, Ukraine -
    Anatoliy Holovaty, deputy head of CIS executive committee, told a press conference Monday that Ukraine had asked all of CIS member-countries to send their ...
  • Grid Bears ... big men on campus now
    Edmonton Sun, Canada -
    ... final. But few figured the Bears would be ready to assume the mantle of the top school in CIS football - certainly not this fast. ...
  • Rangers in the CIS Cup, Ireland -
    Celtic will face rivals Rangers in the fourth round of the CIS Cup next month after the draw was made over the weekend. The Hoops ...
  • Alberta top CIS football rankings, Canada -
    OTTAWA (CIS) - With upsets coming to the top two ranked teams in Canada, a major reshuffling of the national rankings took place this week in Canadian ...
cis is a Latin word meaning "on the same side" and is the opposite of trans. See Ciskei and Transkei, also Cisalpine Gaul and Transalpine Gaul.

In chemistry, a double bond in which the greater radical on both ends is on the same side of the bond is called cis. Compare with trans.

In the example shown on the right, both hydrogen molecules, (and both fluorine molecules) are on the same side of the carbon chain. As the carbons are joined by a double bond, these cannot rotate around the molecule.

See Geometric isomerism for more on this.

In genetics, cis- is a prefix used in terms such as "cis-regulation" to signify the co-location of two or more genes on the same chromosome of a homologous pair.

In mathematics, eix = cos x + i sin x (see Euler's formula). Cis is a now seldom used abbreviation for "cosine plus i sine" (of x). Usually eix or exp(ix) is best used.

Unrelated to the above, CIS is an acronym for Commonwealth of Independent States.